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The job of a « landkeeper » is not a commonly recognized or standardized job title in Canada or many other places. It’s possible that the term is a typographical error or a less common job title. However, I can provide information about a related role that involves land management, which is a more common occupation in Canada.

A « land manager » or « land steward » in Canada typically oversees and maintains lands, properties, or natural areas, often with an emphasis on environmental conservation and responsible land use. Their responsibilities may include:

1. **Environmental Conservation:** Land managers work to protect and preserve natural ecosystems, ensuring that land is used sustainably and without causing harm to the environment. This can include managing wildlife habitats, controlling invasive species, and promoting biodiversity.

2. **Land Maintenance:** They may be responsible for maintaining the physical condition of the land, including landscaping, trails, and facilities, especially in natural parks and recreational areas.

3. **Land Use Planning:** Land managers might develop plans for land use, which could involve zoning, resource management, and deciding how specific areas are to be utilized.

4. **Community Engagement:** They often work closely with local communities and stakeholders to involve them in land management decisions and ensure that the land serves the needs of the public.

5. **Regulatory Compliance:** Land managers need to adhere to local, provincial, and federal laws and regulations related to land use, conservation, and environmental protection.

6. **Research and Reporting:** They may conduct research related to the land they manage and regularly report on the state of the land and the impact of their work.

It’s important to note that the specific duties of a land manager can vary depending on the type of land they are responsible for and the organization they work for. In Canada, this role is often found in government agencies, conservation organizations, municipalities, or private companies with large land holdings.

If you have a more specific job title or description in mind, please provide additional details so I can offer more precise information.