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Why to engage our transport services

Contracting our services of placement adding transportation will ensure a fixed route with the right quantity of employees on time no matter the distance from homes to the company even when there’s no public transportation around.

Experimented drivers

24\7 routes

Comfortable units

GPS on units

Workforce always on time

Automatizated logistic service

At Otika Services, we go beyond just filling the gaps in workforce for our partner companies.

We understand that success is not only about having the right employees but also about ensuring they can seamlessly connect with their workplaces.

4 Steps To be part of our Transportation Services

Get benefit with our transportation services with your employees on time no matter the weather, shifts, distance and days.

We make sure your employees are going to be on time, ready and safe for a productive day ahead.

Get your transport solution proposal.​

We can make an appointment to look up to your requirements and select the best way to get your employees on time, no matter the shift of distance.

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Once you join as a customer you can ask to add our transport of personnel services.

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Your employees will always be there on time.

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We specialize in employee transportation, whereby we ensure that our clients are safely and comfortably transported to their respective workplaces. Apart from our excellent transportation services, we keep a keen eye on all the logistics involved in the process. This includes keeping track of things coming in and going out, as well as managing any chemical inputs or support required. Our team of experts is highly trained to handle all these aspects and ensures that everything runs smoothly. With us, you can trust that your transportation needs are in good hands.