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About Us

Our History

Otika Services Inc.

Founded on October 20, 2011, we established ourselves in the personnel recruitment sector with the vision of becoming a trusted partner for companies seeking talents for their teams.


The Heart of Our Company

Everyone Needs A Guide to Act Daily, These Are Our Purposes and Promises, Our North Star! 

Our Values.

Our clients’ needs are constantly changing, so we continually seek new and better ways to serve them, but always, guiding us by our main values:


Integrity is at our core, driving every action we take. It's the bedrock of trust, ensuring we always do right by our clients and candidates.


Our professional mindset guides our daily work, fostering trust, respect, and efficiency to exceed expectations in all we do.

Collective Performance

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to collaborate and share ideas. We encourage everyone to take initiatives, contribute to innovation, and take active responsibility.

Our Mission

"Our mission is to bridge the gap between exceptional talent and growing organizations. Otika Services is determined and dedicated to help people find opportunities and the Canadian enterprises by reducing the lack of workforce, letting them be worried about the important points in their businesses. Otika Services is decided to make our partner companies even bigger. ¡One placement at a time!"

Our Vision

"Our vision is being known as the first choice in talent acquisition, covering the needs of staffing, directing the adequate people to the right place, creating authentic and beneficial relationships between our growing business partners and our skilled employees. Let’s help together to grow the Canadian Economy"